Devils Carnival

Hair: ::Exile::-Remy-Blacks
Scarf: DOZZE-Striped Scarf (Wine/Black)
jacket: Addams-Worn Out Biker Jacket-Black
Pants: Blankline-Roll-up Pants-Black
Shoes: [Deadwool]-Trauermarsch Boots-Black

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The Frog asks, “How do I know you won’t stab me?”
The Scorpion replies, “Because my act is dead without you..”


Forbidden Love

Hair: [taketomi]-Tadao_Bento
Mesh Body: *COCO*-Doll_Male_Body
Mesh Head: *COCO*-Doll_Male_Head_002C
Mesh Hands: *COCO*-Doll_Monterlimbs_Dark
Wings: Sweet Thing-Disgraced Angelic Wings

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“Would she hear me, if I called her name?

Would she hold me, if she knew my shame?”

Against The Current

Hair: [taketomi]-Norio_Reds
Glasses: [Deadwool] San Diego Glasses-Black
Shirt: Etham-Pocket Tee-All Colors
Bracelet: KOSH-Multiplex Bracelet
Pants: Blankline-Roll-up Pants-Black
Shoes: Flite-Clearports-Burgundy

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“I know I’m strong from all the trouble I’ve been through,

The story starts where the story falls apart, with you”

The Sticks

Hair: [taketomi]-Takeshi_Bento
Beard: [DossiEr]-Beard & Mustache V1
Jacket: {COLD-ASH}-Huntsman Jacket-Plaid
Pants: {EPIC}-Skinny Jeans-Ripped-Light Blue
Boots: [Deadwool]-Trauermarsch Boots-Black

“This is a drop anything, kinda thing, swing on by I’ll poor ya a drink,

the doors unocked and I’ll leave on the light, Baby you can crash my party anytime”


Hair: Exile-Drake-Chayenne
Necklace: KOSH-Adain Necklace
Backpack: Swallow-Backpack-DarkSecret-Great Motherfucker-Gold
Jacket: Etham-Edward Jacket-Black
Pants: Reverie-Up The Bracket Jeans-Black(glasses optional)
Shoes: Flite-Madness Limited-White

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“So, I put a bullet where I should a helmet, and I,

Crashed my car, cuz I wanna get carried away”


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blog snap 6_001

Hair: [monso]-MyHair-Robin/Red
Glasses: Adjunct-New Browline Readers-Black
Necklace: AITUI-Bird Remains Necklace
Shirt: Howl-LazyHomeWear-Brown
Pants: [::JesyDream::] WILD Suspender Jeans-BeigePlaid
Shoes: 2Real-STACKZ

“I feel like I’m Paralyzed, and I can’t,

escape from this Prison I’m livin’ in..”

My Gravity

Hair: [taketomi]-Masato-Reds
Shirt: [Etham]-Studded T-Shirt-All Colors
Pants: [Blankline]-Roll-up-Beige
Shoes: [Flite]-Depraved Hightops-Black

[Her Blog]

“Do you remember, feeling invincible?

When there was trouble it was us against the world..”